After more than thirty years of practicing and teaching the law of private land conservation to landowners and land conservation groups around the country, Steve Small has taken a major leap forward with a new book that has a very simple message: we need a bigger toolbox.

Small has represented hundreds of landowners in more than 40 states, and has been directly involved in the protection of more than 1.5 million acres of land, mostly through conservation easement transactions. He has given more than 400 speeches and workshops around the country. Forbes Magazine referred to Small as the nation’s leading authority on private land protection options. He is the author of and has sold more than 150,000 copies of his Preserving Family Lands series of books.

“The business of protecting open space in this country has grown and thrived over the past few decades, supported by conservation easements and government funding,” Small says.

“But these tools are not enough. We need a new agenda to expand the business of saving open space. We need new marketplaces that value ‘environmental commodities.’ We need to reach out to non-traditional landowners, such as corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies.   We need huge new pools of money. We need to leverage acquisition dollars. We need new ideas to protect more acres.”

Small’s new book, The Business of Open Space: What’s Next?? discusses and expands on these ideas and adds more new approaches to land conservation for the coming decades. You can’t just read this book – you need to read this book then act on this important agenda.

Small anticipates key people in the environmental, scientific, financial, and investment fields, coming together in months ahead to implement some of the concepts in The Business of Open Space: What’s Next??